The PACTF Team

PACTF is run by Techmasters, an independent student organization at Phillips Academy, Andover.

Project Team

Miles McCain ‘19
Project Lead
Alex Reichenbach ‘18
Project Lead
Darcy Meyer ‘19
Problem Writer
Philip Lamkin ‘17
Problem Writer

More team member pictures coming soon…

Faculty Mentors

Ms. Maria Litvin
Project Mentor
Maria Litvin is the advisor for Phillips Academy's Computer Science Club and a variety of CS-related projects, including PACTF, ACSL, Technovation Challenge, and NACLO. In addition to teaching mathematics and computer science at Phillips Academy, Ms. Litvin teaches coding to elementary school students at the local Boys & Girls Club and conducts workshops for elementary school teachers. Ms. Litvin is the co-author (with Gary Litvin) of several best-selling computer science textbooks and AP prep books.
Dr. Jadrian Miles
Technical Mentor
Dr. Jadrian Miles is passionate about his students’ brilliant creativity; about math, algorithms, numerical optimization, and empathy and intention in software design; and about the transformative democratic power of equitable education in computation.