Scoreboard: Tiebreaker

A tiebreaker was held for teams with perfect scores in the overall contest. The raw scores divided by 1000 are presented below.

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Rank Eligible Team Name School Score
1. Th3g3ntl3man PHS + BCA + Westwood + ??? 3103
2. AT-Fun None 928
3. phsst TJHSST /PHS/NCHS 886
4. Flaming Tigers None 880
5. b1c Takoma Park Middle School 864
7. sos brigade Montgomery Blair High School 820
8. Opensource Potato WA/PHS/TJHS/TJHSST 791
9. MemeDream Plano West Senior High School 394
10. unlimited reagents Bergen County Academies 344
11. BS and the Big Boys Wayland High School 307
12. SFHS Team C Spring-Ford Senior High School 37
13. GO GO MUSTANGS Metea Valley High School 4

This scoreboard is refreshed approximately every minute.

Teams are eligible (to win prizes) if all of its competitors are middle-schoolers or high-schoolers studying in the United States of America. Ineligible teams will be factored out when awarding prizes.