Winning Teams

Congratulations to all of our winning teams!

PACTF 2017 proudly awarded over $20,000 worth of prizes.
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Top Winners

Overall Contest
2nd AT-Fun
3rd phsst
Round 1: Bartik
Round 2: Boole

All Winners

Overall Contest
2nd AT-Fun
3rd phsst
5th b1c
9th MemeDream
16th Quadnary
17th DragonTech
18th AREA
19th foo
23rd PentaHex
27th 5806 4
29th AV1ct0r
30th Giascioch
32nd SBHackers
34th Omega
36th the_team
39th Jelly Team
40th [ ]
42nd TrinB
45th DCUA
46th Yes
47th Readers15
48th Cocopods
49th vanhelsing
55th Origami
56th Luddites
58th RIGEL
59th Red
60th Sweeties
61st lololol
62nd .globlHax
66th b2c
67th Uhhhh
69th Invictus
72nd Apophis
74th Empty Set
75th ballsack
76th Kawaii
77th ADMAN
78th no
82nd 4178656C
84th \x00rniths
85th piccolos
88th Aviato
89th Sundara
91st THSA-Team
93rd BATMAN!!!
95th obesity
98th Team SPASH
99th I-Frames
100th Coders015628